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BMC aims to provide the right services and options to our customers to help them reach their company’s used surplus machine goals and to maximize the return on sales of used surplus machinery.

Our free listing services helps End Users reach a larger audience of potential buyers for their used surplus assets. Surplus machines that can sit idle in their shop for an extended period of time or that are scheduled for future release dates are perfect candidates that benefit from this service. The service eliminates the tasks, related costs and the logistics of moving machinery multiple times. This allows BMC to pass the cost savings onto the buyers and a substantially higher profit margin on surplus machine sales for the surplus sellers! A Win-Win benefit for all parties involved.

Want to attract more customers to your listing?

We suggest the following:

Verify that the make, model and serial number are accurate.

Make sure that the manuals and schematics are located and available for each machine submitted.

Include a number of digital photographs for each of the machines. Please include all Front, Back, Sides and Interior photo shots. Include photographs of the machine tags and specifications. Photos of accessories and any tooling will be of help in selling your machine.

Include videos of machines under-power and cycling. Remember, try to shoot and get a clear video of all the angles shots of the machines, interior shots and include a video of all manuals, schematics, accessories and tooling.

Point out any recent repairs and/or additions such as tooling and upgrades to machine.

Please Note: It is advised that BMC receive specifications taken directly from machine manuals and include the correct Make, Model & Serial Numbers. Persons submitting information about their used surplus must be honest and forthright in regards to condition of machine(s). Sellers are obligated to point out any problems, defects and/or issues regarding machines submitted for listing that they are aware of. Seller should also include information about any accessories and tooling that will also be available with the machine. Prior to a machine being listed a service rep might be in contact with seller to verify machine(s) submissions.

Machines that are submitted to our free listing service must meet a certain set of criteria, such as, condition, age, salability, etc. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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