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Blackhawk Machinery Corporation/BMC

We are a used machinery dealer in Illinois, founded in 1990 and have been in the service of providing quality used metalworking machinery to manufacturing facilities worldwide. BMC is a current and long time member in good standing of the Machinery Dealers National Association. BMC's COO, Carmine Perrelli, has served on the Chicago Chapter Board (MDNA's Largest Chapter) as Treasurer. In our 20 plus years of growth, BMC has provided customers a wide range of machinery as well a number of business services to meet our clients goals. Whether you are looking to buy or sell your surplus equipment, BMC offers a wide range of solutions for your needs.

Looking To Buy?

We have a large inventory of machine shop tools, fabricating equipment and CNC machinery in stock, priced right and many under-power for your inspection. BMC also offers machines that are available “As Taken From Service” located in production plants at reduced prices, ready to be sold End-User to End-User. This allows BMC to keep overhead low and is able to pass considerable savings onto buyers. You can browse our large inventory of metalworking machinery in stock here on our user-friendly web site or you can contact us to inquire about a machine, "Available Now In Stock" or "As Taken From Service".

Looking To Sell?

BMC is always in the market looking to buy quality used machinery. Be it one machine or an entire facility, we offer top dollar to buy your idle equipment for our own inventory. Not only does BMC have a full-time dedicated staff scouting the country looking to buy your used surplus machinery for our continually changing inventory, we now offer a listing service as another alternative for sellers. Our listing service, free of charge, lists your surplus machinery on our website. The listing service is geared to attracting a large audience of used machinery buyers. The listing of your used machinery, mainly used by and not limited to, End-Users in turn selling to End-Users, favors a bigger return on the sale of your surplus machinery. So please take a moment to call us and discuss the opportunities available to sell your surplus. You can also fill out our form here on our website and let us know what you are looking to sell and someone from our company will be in touch with you. Again, be it one machine or an entire facility, let BMC offer you a number of opportunities to maximize your profit.

As always, BMC thanks you for the opportunity to work with you

Our Mission:

To provide unparalleled quality service to the buyers and sellers of the machinery industry and to create a business environment based on honesty, integrity and knowledge. We aim to provide our employees the environment and tools necessary to excel in our industry and to maintain high standards of interaction with our customers.


Blackhawk Machinery Corporation is a proud member of the National Machinery Dealer Network Association.

Blackhawk Machinery's COO, Carmine Perrelli served on the board as Treasurer of the Chicago Chapter, the largest chapter in our well-known and respected association. MDNA members proudly display their emblem. This emblem identifies dealers who concur with MDNA's high standards of business practice. It is a symbol of integrity and reliability. It also recognizes dealers who have a wide range of technical experience and data to help customers improve their productivity. The Code of Ethics underwriting this emblem provides that each MDNA member will:

1) Carry out the spirit and letter of all agreements and contracts in which he engages.
2) Respond to inquiries, advertise, and offer machinery and equipment as accurately as he is able as per:
   a. Name of Manufacturer
   b. Serial Number
   c. Condition
   d. Specifications
   e. Adherence to standard industry terms and definitions.
3) Honor every option given a prospective buyer.
4) Advise prospective customers of conditions and circumstances of sale when offering customer-owned machinery and equipment through a brokerage arrangement.
5) Accept within 30 days from shipment any machinery and equipment sold with return privilege, freight prepaid, for refund of the purchase price if proven mechanically unsatisfactory; or repair at dealer's option.

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